Word Lensの今後は

Googleが昨年買収したQuest Visual社のアプリであるWord Lensを通じて、同等の機能をオフラインで利用することはいままでも可能だった。

Word Lensは完全にGoogle翻訳へ統合され、両方の機能の融合によって生まれた最高の機能ができたことにより、今後Word Lensの利用は落ちると今回Googleの代表者はメールを通じてHuffington Postへ伝えたらしい。




Your smartphone is about to become your companion when traveling abroad, even when you do not need to shell out lots of money for an international information plan. An upgrade to the Google Translate application, announced Wednesday, will add the capacity to interpret printed text by aiming your phone camera at it – even when you do not have an Internet or information connection. The feature will be accessible on both the Google Android and iOS variations of the app. It’ll enable users to interpret French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish to English, and viceversa. The upgrade will be thrilling news for world travelers, who can face costly roaming fees if they dare use their mobile phones to connect to the Internet beyond their home countries.

A comparable feature, also usable off-line, has been accessible through the Word Lens application from Quest Visual, that was acquired by Google last year. A Google spokesman told The Huffington Post via e-mail that the Word Lens application won’t be supported. The standalone application will ramp down shortly, since it is completely incorporated to the Google Translate application, giving users all the top Top features of Google Translate and Word Lens, the spokeswoman said. The Google Translate upgrade will bring another important trick beyond so called lens translations. Utilizing the application to translate conversations had applied manually selecting a language with every new phrase. The application will automatically detect which vocabulary has been spoken after initial setup.

Put simply, you tell it you are working with English and French, and it will detect that is which during your conversation.